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Blow-Through Rotary Valve

The Blow-Through Rotary Valve is designed for feeding loose products into high-pressure pneumatic conveying systems. Maximum positive pressure up to 1,0 bar.







Basic elements of the Blow-Through Rotary Valve are:

  • cast iron bod with rectangular inlet and modeled channel in bottom part,
  • cast iron rotor (without side walls) installed inside the body,
  • side covers with pressure bearings and sealing rings; inside the covers there is also installed connector allowing supply of air assuring additional sealing,
  • bearing covers
  • as an option drive consisting of moto-reducer, chain transmission with cover fastening plate

Operation principle

Product is directed to inlet of the airlock and as a result of rotor's revolutions it is evenly fed to the outlet, simultaneous cutting off the air low from the pneumatic conveying systems.


The pour off mass 500 kg/m3
The filling coefficient: 0,8 - 0,85

Type Capacity of all chambers [dm3] Capacity [t/h] Max revolutions [rpm] Installed power [KW]
ZLU 2222 5,8 6,7-7,1 48 0,75
ZLU 2830 13,3 13,7-14,6 43 1,50
ZLU 3638 28,6 26,1-27,7 38 1,50